“Textiles made by people with vision and a keen eye for detail for people who feel strongly about beauty and quality.”

Kendix design work
The collection is developed and designed by a team of in-house designers. The initial concept and vision are translated into yarns, fine weaves, sketches, design, layout and sizing, weave textures and, finally, patterns. The design work involves every last detail - colour development, presentations, graphic work, etc. - until the design has been converted into production techniques and, ultimately, a complete collection.

The world of design
Kendix designers are mostly graduates of the Design Academy of Eindhoven and have gained experienced working with designers, trend analysts and architects. New ideas are developed in response to current developments in architecture, culture, design and art. Contact with the world of interior design is a source of current trends and ideas. These ideas are then translated and created into practical fabrics for inspirational interiors. That is the goal and drive of the Kendix designers.

Current design trends
What’s up: what are today’s designers working on?
Fashion: developing fashionable fabrics for interior design
Experience: material, colour, room & light
Inspiration: colour concepts for consumers & retailers
Inspiration: applications and use of fabric in interior design and presentations
Go digital!: designs with colour use and dimensions that offer different possibilities