Kendix curtain fabrics are woven and printed. Transparent, in-between and floor-to-ceiling fabrics are important elements of the collection.

Materials and components

Kendix curtain fabrics are made of (flame-retardant) polyester, linen, wool, cotton, viscose and special materials like Abaca, silk and metallic threads.

Synthetic fibres like polyester are highly stable, while natural fibres (like cotton, linen and wool) can react to changing humidity levels in the space.

A certain amount of temporary length variations are to be expected under these conditions.

Kendix fabrics have the highest possible degree of colourfastness. Fabrics woven from natural undyed threads can fade slightly over time. It is not realistic to place the same demands on undyed natural products as on piece or yarn-dyed fabrics.

The fabrics properties can be found under product information on the product card for the fabric in question and under Collection.