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Featuring: new Kendix Modern collection

Kendix proudly presents its new collection! Not only do we make designs and colour compositions, we also create a balanced collection with attention for yarns, colours, structures and finishes. Every little detail has to be just right. We stand for excellent quality whereby everything is well thought through and unique. An attractive, tactile collection.

An extravaganza of colourful floral designs, breezy like a summer dress floating before your open window. A summery and light feeling. Real eyecatchers in your home. But this can also be done with a modest, modern and luxurious touch. Natural linen(look) qualities adding warmth to a modern interior. Earthy materials reflected in textiles. Colours inspired by minerals and gems, concrete and soft metals. Bespoke colour pallets, ton-sur-ton and blended effects. Subtle yet layered. Modest opulence. Nature and architecture, interior and exterior, light and shade, beauty caught in playfulness. We combine the constructive nature of architecture with the dynamics of fashion, in durable, high-quality products/fabrics.

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