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Do you wish to enjoy your Kendix fabrics for as long as possible? Follow our advice to the letter to prolong your enjoyment of your Kendix curtain fabrics for many years to come.

The product card for every Kendix fabric contains the international symbols for washing and treatment.

We generally recommend dry-cleaning all fabrics, with the exception of printed and synthetic fabrics, since a higher shrinkage percentage must be considered.

Considering the limited capacity of normal household washing machines, the following should be kept in mind:

- Remove any hooks beforehand, as they may damage the fabric, the washing machine or cleaning equipment.
- Load only 1/3 of the washing machine
- Make sure to use the right temperature setting
- Choose a short rinse cycle
- Do not use the spin cycle (or only briefly)
- Hang up the curtains directly after washing to prevent wrinkling
- If necessary, iron according to the instructions. Always iron lengthwise.