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An explanation of the various product specifications used by Kendix is given below.


Kendix fabrics are tested for their flame-retardance according to the standards applicable in various countries: BS 5867 (Great Britain), DIN 4102 (Germany), NF 92 507 (France), ISO 6940 (Netherlands), ISO 6941 (Netherlands).


Weight in grams per linear metre.


Discolouration caused by sunlight. The extent of discolouration is expressed in terms of a number between 1 and 8 on the blue scale, where 1 is the lowest level of discolouration and 8 is the highest level of discolouration. A discolouration of 6 means in practice that the fabric will show slight discolouration after approximately two years (provided it is not exposed to direct sunlight). Kendix maintains a discolouration level of 5 as its minimum level, while aiming for a 6.

Shrinkage: The amount of shrinkage after washing or dry-cleaning is given on the sample material together with the recommended cleaning method.