A manufacturer of exclusive curtain fabrics, Kendix has its origins in the tradition of Linnenweverij van Dijk (established in 1848).

More than a century later, in 1958, the owner of the family business at the time, Frans van Dijk, decided to embark in a new direction. Graduates of the art academy were hired to create designs for a curtain fabric collection. He wanted to introduce new fabrics to the absolute top of the market, fabrics with ‘a unique personality, truly distinctive designs’. In other words, create distinctive quality fabrics that meet the highest aesthetic and technical standards.

From that moment on, international designers were brought in to develop the Kendix collections.

Designers who were involved from the very start in the development of Kendix curtain fabrics were Hans Krapels, Frans Dijkmeijer and Yvonne Buytaert- van Uden. Later on, English designer Wendy Doodson and Japanese designers like Omoko and Noburu Fujimura were brought in.

In the 1970s, Kendix began collaborating with the renowned design firm Kho Lian Ie for presentations and graphic applications.

In 1960, Peter Sanders and Piet van Mierlo joined Frans van Dijk on the board of the new organisation. Van Mierlo set up the sales organisation and was involved with the quickly growing brand of ‘international Kendix design’ from the onset. The Kendix collection of modern fabrics grew in popularity, as did its distribution. Kendix Brussels was established in 1960, followed by sales offices in Aachen and Zurich.

The collection is aimed at private consumers looking for exclusivity in their interior. Other target groups are hotels, cultural centres, government and office buildings. In other words, you will find Kendix curtains hanging in attractive interiors around the world.

Starting in 1960, Kendix began presenting its collection at the Heimtex in Frankfurt. Introductions to retailers take place at exclusive locations and the presentation at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam is an annual happening.

Modern design in both woven textures and graphic patterns form the basis of the Kendix brand. Textiles produced and preferred by experienced professionals.

“Textiles made by people with vision and a keen eye for detail for people who feel strongly about beauty and quality.” The basic point of departure for the designers is exclusively to create beautiful curtain fabrics.

The designers are not restricted by the technical possibilities of the Kendix production machines. Kendix simply outsources the printing or weaving techniques as needed. This vision is always at the heart of the development and design processes of every Kendix collection.

The organisation has undergone changes through the years and these changes are shown in the timeline.

Today, the company has grown to become an international manufacturer of exclusive fabrics. In the more than 50 years of its existence, Kendix has acquired an excellent reputation worldwide.