Reduce, re-use recycle

Designers are responding to the need to reduce overproduction and overconsumption. Sustainability and aesthetics can go hand in hand. This ‘wave in slow motion’ is undeniably rolling through the world of interior design. This shared mission is inspiring: recycling and upcycling are in the spotlight. Kendix is no exception. Nice to have in the home and good for the planet. With that in mind we are designing and working on new products. Not only recycled products, but with a bigger vision. The quality Dream is an example of the right window covering product which also optimises the indoor living environment. Good for your wellbeing and it also saves energy.


Dream is a floor length blackout fabric with a soft drape, which can completely darken a room. Dream has a transmittance value of 0% which means even a room with many windows remains warm in winter and nice and cool in summer. And here the sustainable spirit starts. We like to keep things simple.

Dream feels pleasant to the touch, and stands out with a digitally printed weave effect; available in 25 interior shades. The palette offers both soft and intense colours, ranging from water and moss to commercial pebble tones.

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Tana Recycle is a classic Tana with a new twist. Tana Recyle has a linen look and is made of 100% pre-consumer Trevira. This means that waste from the production process is reused to weave premium yarns. The careful use of production waste has resulted in the development of this recycled version of the Tana.

The colour pallet of the Tana recycled perfectly complements the colourful Blooming series. Fresh, soft colours that are an asset to the interior. With its refined, soft satin gloss Tana Recycle creates the perfect atmosphere.


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