Blooming – the embodiment of a digital bouquet

‘Blooming’ is the positive response from Kendix to a period full of challenges. During the lockdown, we learned that life goes on – online. And in spite of all the limitations, we found peace close to our heart. In nature, we reset our thoughts and enable the emergence of a free spirit.

In art of digital blooming

Entirely in the spirit of the 21st century, the Blooming collection was created based on a digital watercolour technique. Compositions of flowers and silhouettes with floral features are digitally interwoven and pixelated.

Rural vistas, in all their simplicity. Fields of flowers created from collages of torn paper, translated into graphically constructed landscapes and horizons. In a vivid colour palette with contemporary influences, they are characterised by a digital background. The colour gradient of a watercolour is ongoing; the beauty is in its pure creation. Digitally translated into glitches, pixels, zooming in and out and layering.

Blooming interior

Matte aluminium and silver finishes highlight the Blooming collection. Combine with coloured glass and mirrors. Work with small pieces such as side tables. A coarsely textured rug in unexpected shapes fits into this ensemble. Accents of lilac, lime, ginger and cobalt enhance a modern look in your interior.

The embodiment of a digital bouquet

Embracing budding nature with a focus on the digital transformation of the 21st century. This is reflected in progressive and innovative developments in which the Kendix designers draw inspiration from digital imperfections, such as glitches, pixels, zooming in and out, layering and distortions.

The Glitch Art technique inspired the designers at Kendix. It is reminiscent of unexpected output resulting from a short-term software failure. The very instability that results lends itself extremely well to visual work and gave rise to ‘Blooming’.


Art of nature captured in digital wonder

  • Stellar

    A multi-colour bouclé fabric, with a grainy, dry look. Contrasting colours in the loops of the bouclé yarn create a surprising colour effect. This weave is constructed with four different tints of yarn that intensify each other and form a flawless unity when seen from a distance. Then you can discern the typical pixel structure that is so characteristic of the Blooming designs.
  • Savor

    A no-nonsense base fabric. The structured weave gives the fabric a square pattern. A soft and woolly feel in combination with a subtle sheen create a refined, warm look. In a wide range of practical colours.
  • Hiss

    Natural in-between, very refined by using a small percentage of linen and with a rich multicolour effect. A soft sheen combined with a natural, dry look, gives this fabric a unique chintz finish. With attention to craftmanship in textile! The weave underlines the natural character of the fabric. A must have for material enthusiasts.
  • Pixelbloom

    Silhouettes of flowers and leaves, with special colour effects created using a pixelated spray technique. Zoom in to see the details of the pixel design.
  • Symra

    A jacquard woven fabric with a floral design and a nod to Pixel art resulting in a layered design.

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Blooming – the embodiment of a digital bouquet

Entirely in the spirit of the 21st century, the Blooming collection was created based on a digital watercolour technique.

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